Piano Lessons for
Creative Adults

Feeling lost about learning piano as an adult? Creative Keyboardist’s comprehensive, customizable, adult-centered approach will get you playing, understanding, and creating music in no time.

Adults Learn Differently Than Kids

  • Have you put off your musical dreams?
  • Teaching yourself but it’s not going well?
  • Confused about what (and how) to practice?
  • Want to be creative with music but need structure and guidance?
  • Know you’d thrive with 1-on-1 lessons and a comprehensive, systematic, adult-centered curriculum?

Play. Understand. Create.™

Long ago, music students learned to play, understand, and create music.
For a reason – each skill reinforces the others.


Learn to play (and read music) well. Customize the curriculum with the music you love. Optional: learn to play by ear.


Master the vocabulary and grammar of music – chords, scales, chord progressions, and much more.


Get creative! Learn basic to advanced skills for improvising, arranging with lead sheets, and composing music.

What Students Say

I’m becoming a better player than I ever thought possible.

– K. LeBaron

The Creative Keyboardist approach is so clear and simple.

– A. Spurgeon

I’ve learned more from my lessons than from any other music teacher.

– D. Grossman