Virtual Piano Lessons for Creative Adults


Learn all the fundamentals of playing, including:

  • Reading
  • Playing by ear
  • Rhythm
  • Technique
  • Practicing skills
  • All major creative styles including rock/pop, jazz, blues, New Age and ragtime (classical too!)


Understand the nuts and bolts of music:

  • Chords and chord progressions
  • Keys
  • Circle of fifths
  • Scales
  • And much more


Learn to be creative and express yourself:

  • Improvise – create music spontaneously
  • Arrange – make your own personal version of a tune
  • Compose – write your own songs or solo piano music
  • Interpret – creatively interpret a composer’s music to make it your own
  • Accompany – play while you sing


What Students Say

“I have learned more from my piano lessons with Doug than I have from any other single music teacher. Doug has helped me build confidence in my ability to learn, and by teaching me methods of how to practice, the time I’ve spent alone working on my lessons has become much more productive. I’ve greatly increased my knowledge of music theory, started to improvise, and became much more coordinated and comfortable with the piano. Doug has not only been the most effective of my many music teachers, but the most patient, supportive and encouraging.” –D. Grossman

“Doug is a kind and thoughtful teacher who tailors my lessons and my course of study to my interests and strengths. He is supportive and non-judgmental, which is very important to me in a teacher, especially in creative areas like music. Doug has been helping me learn composing and arranging, and he creates a safe place to explore and try out new ideas. In addition, my knowledge of music theory has far surpassed what I learned in 10 years of music and performance education as a young adult.” –A. Livingston

“Lessons with Doug have allowed me to see much deeper into what goes into practicing, learning, and performing. Doug brings his full presence into each lesson and as such is constantly adapting the path to what will be the most productive, fulfilling and helpful plan of action to reach my creative goals. I am so grateful I found Doug.” –S. Fassero

“I learned how to read music and play the organ many, many years ago, but knew nothing about music theory, piano technique or arranging. With Doug’s outstanding knowledge, patience and support I am learning all of these things and surprising myself. It’s all great fun.” – J. Kirby

“I have had numerous music teachers over the years.  For me, Doug is the best teacher I have ever had, bar none. Now, I am learning and making changes on multiple fronts. Those ‘unattainable’ goals seem within my reach because Doug possesses a unique blend of traits: patience, broad and deep musicianship and technical knowledge, coupled with superb teaching skills.  He has an instinct for breaking challenges into small steps, flexing to approach difficulties in different ways, and superb ability to communicate and demonstrate ways to do things. I have found my pedagogical home.” –T. Ludvigson

“I’m becoming a better player than I ever thought possible. Doug is an inspiration to my fingers.” –K. LeBaron