Welcome to the Creative Keyboardist blog. If the following types of posts sound useful to you, add this blog to your bookmarks or your favorite RSS reader like Feedly or The Old Reader. In subsequent posts on this blog you’ll find:

Interviews with Experts

Tips and advice for adult piano students, and teachers of adults, from professional pianists and expert adult educators.

Surveys and Reports

What kind of digital piano is the best for beginners? What musical styles do adult students really want to learn? Which apps are most helpful for the average student?

Problems and Solutions

Answers to questions like:  How do I create and stick to a regular practice schedule?  What’s the best way to get to the next playing level? What’s the correct technique for playing chords?

Reviews and Comparisons

Reviews and comparisons of digital instruments and other tech for your home studio and/or virtual lessons, essential tech and software for teachers, valuable reference books, and more.

In addition to the above categories, future posts may include cheat sheets, contests, quizzes, play-along tracks and free sheet music.

I hope this blog will be useful for you!

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