Welcome to the Creative Keyboardist blog. If the following types of posts sound useful to you, add this blog to your bookmarks or your favorite RSS reader like Feedly or The Old Reader. In subsequent posts on this blog you’ll find:

How To’s and Tutorials

What’s the best way to improve my musical ear? What is the #1 method for becoming a better music reader? What’s the right technique for playing chords?

Beginner’s Guides

Beginner’s guides to reading, ear training, rhythm, technique, practicing, chords, basic theory and much more.

Cheat Sheets

How do I construct a blues scale? How is a major seven chord built? Cheat sheets rock, and here you’ll find some useful and easy-to-understand ones.

Contests and Giveaways

From time to time, I’ll host contests and giveaways that are useful for just about every adult learner.

Fun Games and Educational Exercises

Fun games and educational exercises that you can try at home. Some will include play-along tracks.

Reviews and Comparisons

Reviews and comparisons of digital pianos, useful equipment for online learning, essential tech and software for electronic musicians, handy reference books, and much much more.

Useful Links and Resources

What are the most useful websites for creative adult piano students? Are there timeless books that every serious piano students should read (I think you know the answer)?

Cool Audio and Video Stuff

Links to essential keyboard recordings and demonstrations, play-along tracks for improvising, and other A/V content for improving your appreciation and understanding of music.

Problems and Solutions

How do I set up a regular practice schedule and make it a habit? How do I stay motivated? How can I inspire myself to get to the next level? What can I do about arm discomfort?


Everybody likes a quiz. Test your knowledge about pianos, pianists, songwriters, bands and composers, music theory and music history.

Inspirational Stories and Interviews

We all love stories. I’ll be offering inspirational stories about (and interviews with) music students and professional musicians.

Surveys and Polls

What brand of digital piano is most popular among this blog’s readers? What songs and pieces do most adult students want to learn? What software and apps are most useful for the average student?

Time-Saving Tips

Let’s face it, learning to play the piano takes commitment and time. Most people these days feel that time is scarce. Learn powerful and occasionally provocative tips for saving time learning and practicing. Time is precious; learn how to make better use of it as a musician.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Learn answers to the most frequently asked questions by creative adult piano students. Or ask one!

Advice from the Experts

Tips and advice from professional pianists and expert teachers.

Remember, if this sounds good, add this blog to your bookmarks or to your favorite RSS reader. Hope to see you soon!



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