Chords Crossword

What kind of canals describe something about chords? Hint: They're not canals in Venice or, for that matter, on Mars. How did an ancient empire influence the way we analyze chords? If pro is the opposite of con, then the United States Congress is the opposite of what?...

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The Best Way to Read Music

True or false? Once you know the notes on the staff, the best way to read music is by looking at a note, playing it, and then looking at the next note. Before I tell you the answer… Read this sentence. Did you slowly read that sentence one word at a time? Probably...

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The Best Digital Pianos For Learning to Play

If you’re a beginner or “returner” but don’t yet have an instrument, here are my recommendations for digital pianos. Already have one? You don’t need to read this. First, if you’re considering an acoustic (real) piano, check out Piano Buyer. A few tips for buying...

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About This Blog

Welcome to the Creative Keyboardist blog. If the following types of posts sound useful to you, add this blog to your bookmarks or your favorite RSS reader like Feedly or The Old Reader. In subsequent posts on this blog you’ll find: How To’s and Tutorials What’s the...

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