Frequently Asked Questions


How much are lessons?

Our goal is to provide the best adult-centered keyboard instruction and methodology, and our rates are comparable to other superior arts schools. Rates per lesson are:

$55 (30 minutes)
$80 (45 minutes)

Are there other fees?

If you choose to continue after your first lesson, there is a one-time curriculum fee of $75. There are no other fees, although you may need to purchase sheet music occasionally. We’ll also ask you to purchase an inexpensive book of blank music paper. Your teacher may also recommend reasonably-priced hardware and/or software to optimize your virtual lessons.

How is tuition billed?

Tuition is payable monthly. (You may discontinue lessons at any time.)

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept major credit cards and ACH transfer.


Are lessons virtual?

Yes, all lessons are virtual 1:1 private lessons. Just you and your Creative Keyboardist teacher!

What is the lesson schedule?

Lessons are weekly (excepting vacations and major holidays).

Do you offer biweekly lessons?

Like most other superior music schools and professional music teachers, we don’t. Weekly lessons are ideal for students’ motivation, progress and achievement.

Instruments and Technology

Do I need an instrument yet?

You’ll need an instrument from the very first lesson. The best options are an 88-key weighted-action digital piano or acoustic (real) piano. If you’re not ready to buy, piano stores often rent instruments. If you don’t yet have an instrument, please wait to register. Need buying advice? Download our free PDF which includes our recommendations for digital pianos in three different price ranges.

What do I need for virtual lessons?

Minimally an instrument, camera, and microphone. Once you begin lessons, we’ll help you optimize your setup. A few other recommended software and/or hardware upgrades may make your lessons even better (your teacher will help you with this).


Do you teach beginners?

We love beginners! Did you study piano long ago but feel like you’ve forgotten most of it? Are you brand new to piano? Either way, our methodical adult-centered approach was designed just for you.

How much should I practice?

We recommend at least 20 minutes/day, though more practice means faster progress. In addition to committing to practice, we suggest making a commitment (to yourself) to take lessons for at least one year. Most good keyboard players have studied 5-10+ years with one or more teachers, so a year really isn’t that long. You may wish to take the financial aspects of such a commitment into account.

What is the CK program/curriculum?

The CK program consists of multiple online courses (accessible from any device) including our flagship Adult Piano Course (for adult beginners and “returners” who want to refresh their skills), and correlated courses on music theory and creativity.

Explore sample lessons from the Adult Piano Course.

Other questions? Contact us.