Learn what it’s like to take lessons with Creative Keyboardist as an adult beginner.

We Love Adult Beginners

One thing that makes Creative Keyboardist different from other providers of online beginner piano lessons for adults is our emphasis on learning to be musically creative. But another equally important differentiator is that unlike most providers of online piano lessons, we actually specialize in teaching adult beginners. (This is rare – few piano teachers or music schools specialize in adult beginners, or for that matter, adults of any skill level).

Your Piano Goals and Dreams

As an adult beginner, you already have years of music listening behind you. Perhaps you’ve also played another instrument. You probably have specific goals for learning piano, music you want to play, maybe some musical dreams.

So we’ll ask you to tell us about your goals, the music styles and specific pieces you want to play, the specific skills you want to develop, and so on. We may ask you questions like:

What is your #1 desire or goal for studying piano/music?

Common goals of adult piano students include:

  • self-fulfillment/personal enjoyment
  • de-stressing from the demands of life and work
  • learning or improving a specific musical skill

Learn about the myriad other reasons that adults study piano.

What is your biggest fear(s) around learning piano?

Some common fears include:

  • playing for others
  • skill development will plateau
  • being too old to learn

What has been – or what do you anticipate being – your biggest challenges?

Common challenges that new students mention are:

  • learning to read music
  • having small or large hands
  • finding time to practice

Getting to know more about you and your goals, fears and perceived challenges helps us customize a plan for you that takes these into account.

The Creative Keyboardist Adult Piano Course

Most adult beginner piano lessons use “methods,” the best of which are systematic and sequential (progressive). Unfortunately, most methods are designed for children. Creative Keyboardist’s curriculum was designed for adults.

If you’re a complete beginner, with the guidance of your teacher you’ll begin working through the Creative Keyboardist Adult Piano Course. This is a systematic and sequential method for learning the piano (or digital keyboard). For more about the course, see our FAQs.

The course is thorough, covering everything you need to know as an adult beginner or returning player, including reading skills, rhythm skills, practicing methods and strategies, basic music theory, and much more.

Unlike most methods which are books, the Adult Piano Course is an online course accessible from any device. Audio examples and play-along tracks help you learn and provide a fulfilling musical background for the pieces you play.

You’ll play enjoyable music from the most vital and popular keyboard styles including classical, ragtime, blues, jazz, and rock/pop. By the end (and likely before), you’ll be ready to start tackling more advanced music in any of those genres, or if you’re interested, in modern styles such as contemporary pop, R&B, film/anime, video game, minimalist/New Age and/or electronic music.

But that’s just the start. Even before you’ve completed the Adult Piano Course, you’ll probably start working through other Creative Keyboardist courses, such as our Key Mastery Course, that will take you more deeply into playing, understanding, and creating your own music.

Learning piano is an infinite adventure. Are you ready?

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