Online Piano Lessons for Adults

Creative Keyboardist’s online piano lessons for adults are 1-on-1 private lessons with a real teacher. You’ll be guided on each step of your musical journey, whether you’re new to piano or returning to it.

Our lessons are structured to match your personal musical interests and goals.

We welcome adults of all skill levels, beginners to advanced.

Play, Understand, Create

Depending on your goals, you can choose to learn:

  • Any piano style from A-Z, including blues, Broadway/standards, classical, electronic, film/anime, folk, gospel/Christian, hip hop, jazz, New Age, pop, ragtime, R&B, rock, video game
  • How to read music (or read it better and faster)
  • How to play by ear
  • Chord construction (basic to complex/jazz chords)
  • How to create chord progressions
  • Practicing strategies (for the fastest possible progress)
  • Essential keyboard technique
  • Improvisation (spontaneously creating your own music)
  • Arranging (creating your own version of someone else’s music)
  • Composing (creating your own songs or piano music)
  • How to play lead sheets (melody and chord symbols)
  • How piano pieces and songs are constructed
  • Sight-reading (playing music well the first time you see it)
  • How to accompany yourself while singing
  • Basic to advanced rhythm skills
  • Fundamental scales and patterns


Lessons are 30 or 45 minutes long. Lessons are weekly, except for student/teacher vacations and major holidays.


30 minute weekly lessons are $55/lesson
45 minute weekly lessons are $80/lesson

Tuition is billed monthly.

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My Creative Keyboardist teacher has patiently guided me on my journey to recapture skills I learned decades ago and take me beyond them. He is intuitive, creative, and seems to know what I want to work on before I do. He stresses positive practice routines and takes his time explaining and demonstrating. My experience has been positive and uplifting.

– G. Robinson

As a 20-something with a love of piano and creativity and the desire to take my skills to the next level, I knew it was time to find a teacher. I’m so grateful I found Creative Keyboardist! My teacher brings his full presence into each lesson and adapts as needed to provide the most productive, fulfilling and helpful plan of action for reaching my creative goals.

-S. Fassero

I’ve had numerous music teachers over the years, but my Creative Keyboardist teacher, Doug, is the best teacher I have ever had, bar none. He was the first to ask “What do you want to accomplish? What are your interests? What are your goals?” That threw me at first. I had things in the back of my mind but the goals seemed unattainable, at least for the foreseeable future. Now, I am learning and making changes on multiple fronts. Those “unattainable” goals seem within my reach because Doug possesses a unique blend of traits: patience, broad and deep musicianship and technical knowledge, and superb teaching skills. He has an instinct for breaking challenges into small steps, and the superb ability to communicate and demonstrate ways to do things. I have found my pedagogical “home.”

-T. Ludvigson