Piano Lessons for Adults in Denver

In-person and/or virtual lessons are offered for both adult beginners and intermediate/advanced adults. Lessons are designed to match your personal musical interests and objectives.

Musicianship and Creativity

Excellent musicianship and artistic creativity and expression are the key elements of Creative Keyboardist’s approach for adults. Depending on your goals, you may choose to:

  • Play any piano style including classical, jazz, blues, rock/pop/R&B, video game, film/anime, electronic and hip hop
  • Learn how to improvise, particularly in blues or jazz styles
  • Learn basic chords or advanced/jazz chords
  • Learn how to read music, or read it better
  • Develop your musical ear
  • Learn how to play lead sheets (melody and chord symbols)
  • Learn essential keyboard technique
  • Learn how to play by ear
  • Correct rhythmical weaknesses
  • Learn to play music at sight
  • Acquire efficient practicing skills for the fastest possible progress
  • Learn scales (the “building blocks” of music)
  • Learn how to compose music or write songs
  • Improve your musical memory
  • Learn how to arrange music
  • Learn how to accompany yourself singing


Lessons for adults are 30 or 45 minutes long. Students may begin at any time of year.


30 minute weekly lessons are $55/lesson
45 minute weekly lessons are $80/lesson

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Justin Highland

Justin Highland graduated with a Bachelor’s in Jazz and Classical Piano Studies from MSU Denver. He has worked in both the Denver and Los Angeles music scenes, and on various recording projects nationwide. He has recorded, produced, mixed and performed with the Los Angeles-based jazz fusion band, Inner Stellar. His originally-composed jazz EP received worldwide radio airplay on Denver’s own 89.3 FM KUVO radio station. He has also published an e-book on how adult keyboard players can make the transition from classical to jazz piano, along with other innovative educational resources and published articles. In addition to acoustic piano, Justin plays a variety of other keyboard instruments including organ, electric piano, clavinet, and a multitude of synthesizers. His musical specialties are classical, jazz and blues.

What Students Say

Justin is without a doubt the best musical instructor I’ve ever had. In the few short months I’ve worked with him I’ve improved at a pace I didn’t know I could achieve. He strikes an excellent balance between the fundamentals and new material to keep things fresh, and has a broad and holistic perspective on music, making him an excellent musician rather than just an excellent pianist. I cannot recommend Justin enough. -Nick J.

Justin has provided me with a detailed, personal practice plan that is catered specifically to my goals, which no other teacher has done for me before. I’ve been able to take ownership over my practice, but also get his guided expertise on what is important to learn. Justin has great advice for learning improvisation and finding your own style and voice at the piano. -Corrine K.

Before I started taking lessons with Justin, I was struggling to learn on my own. I knew I needed a teacher to guide me, and I’m so glad I found him. His classical training and experience as a jazz musician have given him a unique perspective on teaching. He knows exactly what needs to be learned and doesn’t waste time on irrelevant material. With Justin, I’ve been able to advance and make significant progress in my playing. He’s patient, knowledgeable and always willing to help. I feel more confident in my abilities and I’m excited to continue learning with him. -Oleksandr H.