Become a CK Student

Piano lessons at Creative Keyboardist are 1-on-1 private virtual lessons from the comfort of your home. The first step to becoming a CK student is to tell us about you. Before you do, please confirm that our program works for you:


Our goal is to provide the best adult-centered keyboard instruction and methodology you can find. Rates per lesson are:

$55 (30 minutes)
$80 (45 minutes)

There is also a one-time curriculum fee of $75. Tuition is payable monthly. We accept major credit cards and ACH transfer.

Ages and Levels

Adults of any age and playing level, beginner to advanced, are welcome.


Lessons are weekly (excepting vacations and major holidays). We suggest making a commitment (to yourself) to take lessons for at least one year. Most good keyboard players have studied 5-10+ years with one or more teachers, so a year really isn’t that long.


You’ll need an instrument from the first lesson. Don’t have one yet? Download our free PDF with recommendations for digital pianos in different price ranges.


For virtual lessons you’ll minimally need a camera and microphone. Your teacher will help you optimize your setup as lessons continue.


Aim to practice 20 minutes per day, though 30-60 minutes (or more) will lead to faster progress. How well you practice is just as important as how much. Learning how to practice well is integral to the Creative Keyboardist approach.

Tell Us About You

Ready to proceed with lessons? Tell us about your musical goals and interests. Your responses will remain confidential and won’t be shared with third parties.

Have other questions? Visit Frequently Asked Questions.