Teach for Us

Would you like to teach enthusiastic adults? Creative Keyboardist is seeking teachers who live in one of the 50 largest U.S. metropolitan areas. This position is ideal for established teachers who would like to add adult students to their teaching roster, many of whom can take lessons during the day (when kids can’t). Most students are beginning and “returner” adults, with some intermediate adults. We take care of marketing and most administrative tasks. Your studio’s location will be added on Google, giving you additional exposure in the Google results.

Your teaching studio may be in your home or a commercial space you rent. Either way, you MUST have your own teaching studio.

You may set your own schedule, but it should include at least one weekday evening and/or several hours on weekends, for students who can’t attend on weekdays.

Most lessons will be conducted in person, but some lessons may be virtual depending on student needs.

You must have a professional instrument(s), preferably both an acoustic and digital piano. You should also have appropriate technology for teaching virtually.

The ideal teacher will have a bachelor’s degree in music or equivalent professional experience, demonstrable teaching experience with positive reviews/testimonials/references, broad knowledge and skill playing and teaching both classical and popular music, music theory proficiency, and at least rudimentary creative skills (improvising, composing etc.).

This is an independent contractor position. We’ll agree on your teaching rate and related terms, and enter into a written independent contractor agreement.

Professional written communication skills including use of salutations, correct grammar, capitalization and punctuation are an important aspect of your application.

Ready to apply? Please complete our Application Questionnaire.